Friday, August 22, 2008

ActiveWidget Ajax Grid

A powerful javascript component library that makes app development more productive

link : ActiveWidget Ajax Grid

JQuery Portlets

The portlets feature drag/drop, expand, collapse and many more features!

link : JQuery Portlets

Ajax Captcha

Simple and Clean ajax enabled captcha control with demo and source code.

link : Ajax Captcha

JavaScript form input mask

Unobtrusive JavaScript to implement "input masks." No validation though.

link : JavaScript form input mask

Tabs - jQuery plugin

Create JavaScript tabs by assembling HTML with just one line of JS code.

link : Tabs - jQuery plugin


A simple tab that supports multiple tabsets & allows users to bookmark page.

link : Tabtastic

Really easy field validation with Prototype

Just U need to "Create your form ", no extra work

link : Really easy field validation with Prototype

Ext Drag and Drop Accordion

It allows the potential users to get the feel-and-touch of the user interface.

link : Ext Drag and Drop Accordion

Trip Taker slideshow

This is a lightweight JavaScript image viewer featured with slideshow option.

link : Trip Taker slideshow

Slightly ThickerBox

Create image galleries with this script; create even group of galleries.

link : Slightly ThickerBox

AJAX pyxy image gallery

PHP and JavaScript.An ultra-light-weight,drop-in,image gallery.

link : AJAX pyxy image gallery

Ajax Photo Gallery

CSS rich layouts - Customize it to match the theme you use.

link : Ajax Photo Gallery

Javascript Smooth Gallery

Find the usage of standard compliant with this script. It enables the gallery to be too smooth.

link : Javascript Smooth Gallery

Minishowcase easy gallery

You can display your image easily in a few minutes no complexity codes here.

link : Minishowcase

Mootools JavaScript Table Row & Column Highlighting

This script highlights the rows and columns of the cells you hover over.

link : JavaScript Table Row & Column Highlighting

Ajax Tabbed Page Interface

A tabbed interface using Ajax to load the new pages without page refresh.

link : Ajax Tabbed Page Interface

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Standardista Table Sorting

A JavaScript module that helps you in sorting HTML data table by any column.

link : Standardista Table Sorting

Yahoo UI Library - Tabview

TabView is designed to enable developers to create tabbed views of content.

link : Yahoo UI Library - Tabview

Yahoo Slider Widget

The Slider is a UI control that enables the user to adjust values along axes.

link : Yahoo Slider Widget

XAJAX PHP Live Datagrid / Gridview

A self-explanatory code Use your own CSS file with proper CSS HTML tags in the setter.

link : XAJAX PHP Live Datagrid / Gridview

Sortable Table

This script makes the process of sorting and filtering columns easier.

link : Sortable Table

DhtmlxGrid Ajax enabled DHTML grid with Javascript

This is an Ajax-enabled JavaScript control and sortable JavaScript DHTML grid with rich script.

link : DhtmlxGrid Ajax enabled DHTML grid with Javascript

CSS Table Gallery

CSS and data tables that can create usable and pretty results.

link : CSS Table Gallery

jquery jqUploader

The jquery plugin substitutes html file input fields with a flash-based file upload widget.

link : jquery jqUploader

Gmail Style Check Username AJAX

The following does a gmail style check on the username supplied to see if it is unqiue.

link : Gmail Style Check Username AJAX